27 kwi 2013

7th Bead Soup Blog Party - Reveal

Welcome to the 7th Bead Soup Blog Party, third reveal!
For the seventh time, Lori Anderson decided to organize a blogging party, where participants from all over the world exchange their sets of beads. This time, the play was attended by 541 people!
My partner was Colleen Vinthagen from Sweden. Here's what she sent me: 
topaz beads, lepidolite rondelle, pearls, agate, pyrite, carnelian ovals, ceramic daisies and clasp she made.
I sent her the following set of beads:
felted pebbles, ceramic blocks and button, crocheted ovals, czech glass...
If you're wondering what Colleen made with them, please take a look at her blog.
I liked a lot beads I recived from Colleen, but I wondered a long time what to do with them. I had a void in my head, ideas didn't want to come. I wanted the best use of beauties she sent me. And suddenly it snap:) This is the result:
First design - a bracelet with beautiful, big ceramic daisie as a main part. 
I fastened flower by chain with seed beads, then added yellow topaz rounds, lepidolite rondelles and blue fire agate rondelles all from Colleen. I separated them with miyuki seed beads. As closure - a wire clasp Colleen made.

Then I made earings with the same daisies and topaz rounds. I just added ceramic discs, copper chain and seed beads from my own stash.

And finally I made another bracelet.
I used blue fire agate rondelle, lovely yellow carnelian faceted ovals and antique bronze rondelle pearls Collen sent me. From my own collection I have chosen palm wood beads, orange coral, copper chain and ceramic heart as a pendant.
I am very pleased with the final results. I really like colour scheme especially in the last bracelet.

Lori, thank you for organizing the great party! Again!;)
And Colleen, it was a pleasure to be your BSBP partner! Ha det sa bra!

If you want to get to know the rest of the participants, HERE'S a list.

16 lut 2013

Zupa / Soup / Soppa

Inside that box my BSBP partner Colleen Vinthagen from Sweden, will find soup ingredients. 
Hope she'll like it.

31 sty 2013

Bead Soup Blog Party po raz 7!

Nowy rok zaczynam bardzo twórczo. W przygotowaniu bowiem nowe filcowe broszki oraz 7 edycja Bead Soup Blog Party. Do poczytania na ten temat odsyłam tutaj. Ciekawe kogo tym razem wylosuję jako partnerkę do wymiany;) 
Zapraszam niedługo!

23 gru 2012


21 lis 2012

Jeszcze kilka...

... zakręconych kolorami broszek.
Średnica od 6-7 cm. Cena: 20 zł.

20 lis 2012

Więcej zakręconych broszek

Bardzo kolorowe i optymistyczne, przyciągają uwagę;)
Średnica od 6-7 cm. Cena: 20 zł.

19 lis 2012

Nowa kolekcja broszek

 Filcowe broszki z nowej kolekcji zdecydowanie rzucają się w oczy!
Nie dość, że zakręcone, to jeszcze bajecznie kolorowe.
Można przypiąć do płaszcza, swetra, torby czy czapki.
Średnica od 6-7 cm. Cena: 20 zł.

14 lis 2012

Jeszcze cztery...

...z serii z ażurkami.
Średnica broszek 8 cm. Cena: 20 zł.

8 lis 2012

Nowe broszki

Oto kolejny zestaw filcowych broszek.
Średnica 8 cm, cena 20 zł.

12 paź 2012

Broszki dobre na jesień c.d.

Mięciutkie, filcowe broszki, dodadzą uroku jesienno-zimowej garderobie.
Średnica 8 cm. Cena 20 zł.

Broszki dobre na jesień

Te dwie dostała Kamila.

5 wrz 2012

Nowe bransoletki na jesień

Trend na upiększanie nadgarstków nadal trwa.
Oto kilka moich propozycji, tylko 20zł za sztukę. 

25 sie 2012

Reveal of the 6th Bead Soup Blog Party

Welcome to the big reveal of the 6th Bead Soup Blog Party!
The hostess Lori Anderson partnered me with very talented lampwork artist from Canada Evelyn Duberry.
I recived from her amazing stash of lampwork beads.

I decided to create four pieces.
The first one was bracelet with golden clasp, glass focal and other lampwork beads from Evelyn. I added
turquoise discs, wood beads and seeds.

Then I made a pair of earings. I used orange lampwork ang gold rings from my partner with purple howlite rondelles, czech glass bicones in deep blue shade and green seeds.

Because I love all kinds of different bracelets, I made another two;)
With help came very fun and easy to make technique from  Thea Jewellery.
And once again I used Evelyns beautiful lampwork. From my own stash I added yellow wood beads, copper jump rings, little murano glass beads, czech glass and turquoise.

Thise time it was the bigest BSBP with three reveal dates. You can find the whole participants list right here.
Thank you so much Lori and Evelyn for beeing a part of wonderful and creative fun!